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    Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve

    2 recommendations


    Kapawi Ecolodge and Reserve @-2.541,-76.8585, Ecuador , Ramonurcu

    Kapawi Ecolodge &amp; Reserve is located in one of the most remote and well protected parts of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Deep in the nearly two million acres of the Achuar people's territory, Kapawi is accessible only by air-flying in small planes over an unbroken green expanse of rainforest.&#160; <br />Kapawi Ecolodge &amp; Reserve is built entirely using traditional Achuar architecture and fans out around an ephemeral lagoon crowded with plant and bird life. A wooden boardwalk meanders its w...

    18 rooms | From €1,352.38


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    Ecolodge Cabañeros

    1 recommendation


    CM - 403, KM 42,600, PARQUE NACIONAL DE CABAÑEROS 13194 Retuerta del Bullaque, Spain , Ciudad Real

    <p>Ecolodge de gestión familiar, situado en el Parque Nacional de Cabañeros, cuyo objetivo y la pasión de sus dueños es ofrecer un servicio integral y de calidad a sus clientes.</p> <p>Se dirigen a un turista que busca la experiencia por encima del simple viaje y poder recompensarle con servicios en contínua mejora de la calidad y la diferenciación.</p> <p style="font-style: italic;">NUESTRA RAZÓN DE SER<br />Nuestra razón de ser es el desarrollo del Ecoturismo en el Parque nacional de Caba...

    5 rooms | From €23.27


  • It's a hotel which makes an effort to minimize the negative impacts and maximize the positive ones on the environment and local community, that is, attempts to be as sustainable as possible.
  • Moreover, it's a hotel that takes care of the customer and offers a quality service at a competitive price, because sustainability doesn't require to put confort aside.
  • On this web you will find detailed and reliable information on the performance of the hotels in this respect so you can evaluate them yourself.


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